About Us

Our team of experts help you take the headache out of navigating the abyss of job searching or hiring by sharing advanced strategies that maximize results.

For nearly 20 years our team has incorporated humor, energy and passion to helping individuals and businesses succeed.

With a diverse collection of successes in different careers that include finance, sales, recruitment, public and private education, entrepreneurship, speaking, influencing, coaching and more; we bring forth an interesting twist to getting things done and achieving results that go well beyond expectations and help you land a job you love.

Josef has a natural gift for recruiting. He knows how to deal with both the candidate and the client so that everyone who works with him feels well done by each and every time. A true professional.
George Easton

Josef Stetter the CEO has published books on job finding, coached and trained over 10,000 job seekers to find work in their field as quick as 2 days.


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What We Offer

Recruitment & Personality Assessments

We offer highly motivated and qualified top producing talent that have both the technical and personality skills a company needs to ensure the FIT into its overall strategy.

Consulting and Training

Our proven systems in training and development produces exceptional results in the core services of your business; to help improve your bottom line and solidify your company’s reputation as a leader and an innovator.

Keynote Speaking

We bring expertise in talent acquisition and engagement to the stage, delivering dynamic keynote speeches that inspire companies to find and retain top talent, ultimately driving their success to new heights.